Life Times Sri Lanka, known widely as the new-look, freshly re-branded LT magazine, was launched in March 2012. LT is a proudly Sri Lankan magazine that is entertaining and educational, with human interest stories that matter.  From protecting our magnificent natural heritage to celebrating cultural diversity, to focusing on real stories and exceptional human beings, LT celebrates real life. Our take on this island is refreshingly different, and it’s that which gives our stories their cutting edge.

It’s our relevant content and fresh perspective that keeps our readers hooked. Our contributors are well respected in their respective fields, offering credible expert perspectives to our readers. Our stories are told via authentic, original photojournalism married with extensive research, giving us the ability to delve in and tell previously untold stories on things that matter. While we don’t seek controversy, we don’t shy away from real issues and in developing our editorial content, we prioritize responsible journalism, never presenting a problem without recommending a solution and always keeping our sense of humour and positive outlook intact!  The only topics we never discuss are politics and religion.

LT Magazine is now entirely Digital, to allow our international readers full access to our content round the clock. We are combining the content gained from 5 years of travelling around this island, with newly developing stories and giving you more!

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We Are Life Times!