Name: Akash
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Kaluwelle, Galle

17 year-old Akash is a passionate Stunt Biker who along with his fellow bikers perform at the Law Court Square inside the Galle Fort every Sunday and Saturday’s at the Good Market.

01. How did you learn stunt biking?
I loved riding bicycles from a very small age and loved to try new things with it. I learned most of these tricks by watching videos and constant experimentation.

02. Other than stunt biking what else do you do?
I’m still schooling at Aloysius College, Galle. I’m taking my A/Levels in Languages. I also paint traditional temple art and sell my work inside the Galle Fort souvenir shops. That’s how I purchased this bike to perform.

03. How many times have you fallen while stunt biking?
A lot of times and I am blasted by my mother every single time!

04. Tell us about your crew?
There are 15 of us in the group and we come to the Law Court Square inside Galle Fort every Saturday and Sunday to perform our stunts. We have performed a couple of times at Red Bull shows and surfing competitions, for the crowd. We always receive a good response from the spectators and that’s what encourages us to keep performing.

05. What inspires you to perform stunts?
I have always loved watching stunts being performed and I like doing something different. It’s my way of expressing myself.

06. What do you like about Sri Lanka?
I love our beaches and the weather.

07. What do you dislike about Sri Lanka?
The fact that there is no place for stunt bikers.

08. What‘s your favourite Sri Lankan food and drink?
Rice and curry and I like fresh juice made from our tropical fruits especially Papaya Juice.