Tina Senanayake


Tina Senanayake Jewels




What inspired you to design jewellery?

A lifelong love of jewellery and a wish to create things of beauty. In addition I find that creating a piece of jewellery with my own hands is highly therapeutic.

How do you keep your designs original?

By following the dictates of my heart. I am drawn to the beauty in colours and textures and that is what guides me.

How would you describe your Brand/Products?

I like to think that my brand is influenced by both the west and the east. The beauty, colours and opulence of the east tempered by a Scandinavian simplicity and aesthetic. My jewellery brand is simple, clean and beautiful.

What draws you to Sri Lanka’s precious and semi-precious stones?

I love their colours and beauty and to a certain extent the rich history our Sri Lankan stones have.

Are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman? Who is she?

I design pieces that appeal to me.  I envision a woman who is elegant and stylish, who knows her own mind and wants something distinct. I would love to create a piece of jewellery for the crown princess of Denmark, a cosmopolitan extremely stylish young Australian lady.  Apart from this I find women with requests for unusual jewellery such as belly chains, ear cuffs quite inspiring.

Do you have a favourite piece/collection and why?

Each piece I create is my favourite only to be replaced by the next piece! Having said that my necklace with a pendant made of a coin from the Pollonnaruwa period is a favourite and so is a charm bracelet in silver with my children’s names written in gold.

What is your favourite Sri Lankan gem stone and why?

My favourite Sri Lankan stone would of course have to be star sapphire. There is magic in these stones.

What is your vision for the future of your brand?

My vision is that my brand will become a household name in Sri Lanka for jewellery that has a soul and is different to what’s available elsewhere. Internationally I dream of showing the world that Sri Lanka not only has beautiful rare stones but also the talent to create amazing jewellery using these stones