“I’m always fascinated to watch people pick these pieces out and hold them up, thinking of how they can incorporate them into their daily repertoire. We’ve started to get a loyal following. What we have come to understand, over the few years we’ve been in existence, is that Salvage is firstly attractive designs. But like any decent iceberg, there’s way more beneath the surface.” – Subha Grassi the founder of Salvage. 

Salvage rehabilitates. Aimed to help the poorest of the poor, primarily women who are in jeopardy of being trafficked. Salvage provides opportunities for these women, a step towards economic freedom and overall stability.  These crafters improve their lives through work, supporting their daily needs and those of their children and families.

Salvage recycles. They turn selected waste into trendy designs, with the help of Ruby Studio’s design team. From movie billboard skins to cut-offs from fancy leather apparel, Salvage takes what some might consider as trash and turns it into profit-generating accessories.

Salvage gives back. The main goal of all this effort is to fill the gaps for worthy projects looking to close down due to lack of funds. Salvage steps in while they look for new sources of support. As a project under the larger NGO, Community Concern, Salvage has an on-the-ground pulse of who is really desperate for funds and whose beneficiaries can’t afford to see them close. 

If you want to help. It’s simple, buy and wear Salvage. Ask your favourite shop to carry Salvage products. Imagine the difference we could make if we all did that this season?