Monika Rau


Svelte Jewellery



What inspired you to design jewellery?

My dad dealt with gems and jewellery when I was very young and I think that awakened a passion in me. I’m also quite artistic and have a visual mind, and coupled together, this led me to pursue this career.

How do you keep your designs original?

I keep my pieces original by being true to my style – that is to embrace what we already have by adding a little update here and there. If we talk about my Euphoria Collection where each piece is a designer one-off piece, I would say what keeps each piece different is that I handpick a unique stone and look to bring out the beauty in that stone. I try not to dull the gem but add to its beauty instead. It’s very similar with my Vintage Collection where I find antiques and add a Svelte touch to bring it back to the 21st century. The Udarata Collection is where I embrace our traditional jewellery designs we have had for centuries. We all have a strong sense of attachment to our heritage so this collection makes our traditional designs appealing to today’s woman.

How would you describe your Brand/Products?

Western sophistication blended with a touch of Eastern flavour.

What draws you to Sri Lanka’s precious and semi-precious stones?

Sri Lanka is blessed to be rich in gem stones. We have a wide selection of colours and price ranges to choose from and incorporate in our designs; top class blue sapphires to tourmalines to mystic moonstones. But in today’s gemstone world, gems can be from all over the world. We only trace back origins for our most valuable bigger stones so actually our gem market is as mixed bag.

Are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman? Who is she?

I think a Svelte woman is confident and successful in her own way. She is definitely independent and knows what she wants. My jewellery pieces are colourful and bold, so not for the faint hearted. They are for women who want to set their own mark in the world.

Do you have a favourite piece/collection and why?

Oh that’s a difficult question. All my collections are dear to me because each piece is special. But I would say my favourite is the Euphoria Collection, because with each piece I worked with beautiful stones and had fun being creative. Also, it was my first collection so I have an emotional bond with it as well. As this collection grew and matured so did my style and taste, and everything else branched out from that.

What is your favourite Sri Lankan gem stone and why?

Padmaraga – the pinkish-orange sapphire that is the colour of the tropical sunset. Unfortunately I do not have the chance to work so much with this stone but every time I see one I’m in love! The hue is mesmerizing, it is a truly unique gem.

What is your vision for the future of your brand?

Currently I’m planning to open my own outlet in Sri Lanka. I am then hoping to work towards expanding my line to Germany in the future.