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As Britain moves to the next stage of its colourful history, I’ve selected the words of one of the greatest Brits who was the rock, the vision and the drive in the darkest hours of British history. Ironically if it wasn’t for his leadership we could today find Britain under German occupation/rule… Perhaps that’s why many people voted to leave the EU, the dominance of Germany. We could be at the start of possibly putting the “great” back into Britain. Winston Churchill said, “for myself I am an optimist, it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” We are where we are, though some may call it unprecedented political constitutional and economic crisis, how we move forward will only truly be judged in the decades to come. “I never worry about action, but only inaction”, Winston said. It’s clear Britain¬†needs a robust plan and a team to take us where we need to be. There looks to me to be no natural leader or collective team to rise to the challenge. Boris Johnson (of immigrant back ground) looks like a Trump double but at least Trump has built a business empire. We should also look when the sad hour arises to put a young vibrant king and queen on the thrown of Great Britain as Charles can never follow successfully in his mothers footsteps.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”, Churchill said after the brave repulsed the on-coming German attacks on England between July and October 1940, which included 3000 men from the British and Commonwealth Air Force and some mainland European pilots. Today Politicians, in most cases, the world overlook for their own benefits, glory and satisfaction, and put their country second. This then reflects in the nation and too many BRITISH people have been getting away with not contributing to their country, in fact many drag the country down, just looking for dole money and hand outs for far too many years. All those drawing benefits but are capable of work should be working in government schemes, supporting housing development, welfare and building projects.

“For defeat there is only one answer… victory”, Churchill said. As the second most successful country in the EU after Germany, we should not just consider what impact being out of the EU will have on Britain, but how it will effect the remaining countries of the EU. Not forgetting the glee in all this by Putin and Russia.

Eg. – UK is France’s second biggest exports market, what contribution will France, Germany and Italy have to make in financing a smaller EU with many emerging members struggling, never mind the pending issue of Turkey. “It will be better to engage Germany on new frontiers.” In today’s context a skillful job needs to be done to retain interest in the UK from Germany, France will be problematical as they have a heavy unionised work force of intolerant activists. It’s bound to bring some temporary closure to the euro-tunnel and more. In any case this second tier list of EU members have a history of being unreliable and turn coats, eg. French and Italians.

“The true guide of life is do what’s right”, again a Churchill quote. Why is it that Britain is creating a three tier social structure – the “have lots”, the “haves” and the “have nots” (see the winner takes it all WHINGING Pome), the fastest growing two groups are the “have lots and the have nots”. 10% of the UK population are said to own 50% of the wealth, 1% of the population own at least 55% of wealth. Fat cats like Mr. Green, ex of BHS, along with many others create massive unemployment whilst they financially gain. It appears that banks pay excessive salaries and bonuses to their heads, sometimes irrespective of performance or HR practices.

Why do banks spend millions advertising and using investor’s funds, some spending even billions?

On immigration we should encourage supporting first our Commonwealth people who we have neglected, we should have an Australian points system ensuring we get the people skills really required and that English language skills are sufficient. During the sixties and seventies many welcomed the Asians from the Indian sub-continent who ultimately by their efforts saved UK hospitals, train and bus services and more.

One taxation issue we can easily understand is that “the have lots” group are avoiding the most tax to the UK tax coffers, whilst the black economy eg. receiving of cash for services or product with no tax declaration also needs an overhaul.

Just remember with global warming, in 50 years time Southern England will be the wine centre of Europe. Always look on the bright side of life.