Paradise Road Galleries

Paradise Road Galleries has supported the local contemporary art scene for over a decade,
presenting exhibitions of local and South Asian contemporary artists. While the gallery acts predominantly as an exhibition space where the exhibitions are curated by Udayshanth Fernando, it continues to be one of the leading locations for exposure for any young or established contemporary. Owing to it’s location in the former offices of the late Geoffrey Bawa and the aesthetic appeal of it’s current inhabitant, Paradise Road The Gallery Cafe, it is a space and a place where art blends with style in an environment where it can be appreciated over time. Many leading established contemporaries, such as Sanjeewa Kumara and Jagath Ravindra have held their first successful exhibition in this space.

These young artists that follow were personally selected by Fernando in appreciation of what is the new movement presenting their work in the local contemporary scene today. In addition to owning a gallery, Fernando holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the island and works by all these artists belong to his collection. Some of them have exhibited at Paradise Road Galleries and continue to do so, while others are formally represented by his daughter’s gallery, Saskia Fernando Gallery.


No.2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
+94 011 2 582162