Abdul Halik Azeez

Abdul Halik Azeez began his career as a strategy consultant, newspaper and citizen journalist after which he worked as an independent researcher focusing on hate speech and critical discourse analysis. Azeez began working with photography as a researcher, using instagram as his platform. His conceptual street photography captures images that document the changes in the social and cultural lives of  minorities and urban population. Using a critical viewpoint, he explores the environment around him to create works that frame a dialect between the real and conceptual. Azeez has exhibited at the Saskia Fernando Gallery Colombo, the Artraker Award Exhibition Colombo and at Colomboscope 2015 curated by Natasha Ginawala and Menike Van der Poorten. His work has been published on The Picture Press and Groundviews.org. He most recently exhibited his work with Saskia Fernando Gallery at Art Dubai 2016.

Abdul Halik Azeez: Shoe Mafia
Shoe Mafia
Abdul Halik Azeez: Mobile Office
Mobile Office