A little birdie tells us Colombo is planning for is busiest wedding season this June. This means a lot of you are combing out the finer details of, what must be the most important days of your life, right about now. Have you picked out a florist? Booked a photographer? Who is planning your wedding? Do you have a theme? These questions keep up at night, as you wonder if your perfect wedding would all finally come together. Sounds familiar, yes?

Your wedding represents the love you share, the kind of marriage you will have and this is why it is important to do it just right. From the flamboyant fairytale to the casual beach wedding, no matter what way you chose to go, the need for those personal touches is important because that’s what ultimately makes your wedding is unique to you and only you. This is why the person you chose to put all the elements together and make it just right is one of the most important decisions. Do they have a creative flair, do they have great ideas and how well are their actual production skills?

We’ve found just such a group of ‘fellas who call themselves maic. They tell us that they were tired of seeing unimaginative weddings that held the potential to be that much more special; the same decor and the same passionless themes, in repetitive manner, with different colour palates doesn’t really make for a special or unique wedding. “It also peeves us that most wedding planners think that personalizing something is simply using a different colour or flower for décor”.

Their ideas are certainly not your run-of-the-mill wedding template; instead Charith and Eric, the creative minds behind the design brand are inventive, make excellent use of minimal resource and take personalization to a whole other level.


Both Charith and Eric have always demonstrated a sense of creative spark and flair to what they’ve done for years now; in fact since they were schoolboys at St. Peter’s College where they met as children and became lifelong friends. They had already begun to dabble in the idea of creating wedding decor a few months after they left school, when in 2003 a friend asked them to create her wedding, a simple ceremony with Denim & Daisies as its theme. They understood instantly that their friend chose denim to denote how comfortable she was with the man she had chosen to be her life partner. Their designs transformed a white marble church into a casually comfortable space adorned in reams of denim fabric they had bought by the kilo in Pamanuwa. The decor was cost-effective and truly magical. And since then, many other friends’ weddings have come to life at the hands of these two, long before the launch of their brand new design brand.

Charith tells us about the many weddings and events they collectively brought to live for many friends. Both of them come from an advertising background and would delve into decor and thematic design work on the side to make some extra money. With friends referring them to others, the volume of work began to increase enough for them to quit their day jobs and turn their moonlighting sideline into a fulltime dream job. 

The maic brand’s ability to create thematic decor extends beyond the wedding market to any themed event and visual merchandising in the form of many of the shop window’s you’ve stopped to admire around Colombo, including the ever-changing windows of Amante lingerie.


Their background in advertising makes maic function in a similar way to an ad agency for decor and design. They believe in creating stories, art and spaces for the little treasures & nuggets of memories that couples have created along the way. And their process is just as avant-garde as their ideas!

They begin by sitting down with their clients in a quiet space; sipping wine or coffee (preferably the former!) to get the client chatting. We want to get to know them, they tell us. We like to go through their whole journey from the start, how they met, where they met, silly things they do together, things they love as individuals and as a couple. Their Memories, their professional educational backgrounds, what they hate… so literally everything!

They proceed to take extensive notes that would potential help create ideas and go back to brainstorm between the two of them, to see if they are able to develop a good idea with the information they collected from the first meeting.

Their initial timeline to present a client with ideas is two weeks from the date of the briefing. This presentation comes with sample table decor mock-ups as a basis for discussion. Once an idea is agreed on, detailed costs and sample of all other work begin to come to life. Because no two couples are the same, maic takes additional care to not duplicate any of their previous concepts. This means, they don’t have the standard ‘wedding package’ that another event designer or wedding planner will land you with. Everything is unique and special to who you are.


Their aim to stay small and consistent in terms of ideas, delivery and production quality. They offer a personalized service so their future plans include being constantly mindful of not piggybacking on old ideas. They plan to do no more than a mere handful of projects each month so they are able to perform at their creative peak instead of being burnt out. Their long-term plan is stay just small enough so that not third party representative are needed – the point is to be with their clients throughout the entire process. And at the end, there are no more clients and designers, there are only friends.

The rest of course, is the work – and the work truly speaks for itself.


Call Charith 0773 721 389 or Eric 0718 879 327

Or find them online:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/decorbymaic  

Instagram –  instagram.com/conceptsbymaic