First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all our readers a wealth of health and happiness in 2016, from all at LT!

We embark on 2016 with necessary optmism. As a magazine, we look forward to expanding our scope into other media, and our recent forays in filmmaking both inspired and motvated us to expand in new directons. LT magazine has taken Team LT on quite the journey, and we would like to spend more tme showing you the real Sri Lanka, in print and video. Stay tuned for more from us soon!

Meanwhile, our January cover story presents a compilaton of artcles we have released previously in our magazine. Since LT became Life Times, just under 4 years ago, we have had a monthly column called ‘Cause’ dedicated to highlightng and supportng the good work done by Sri Lankans, for Sri Lankans. Over the years, we have never run out of subject mater. The best work to help others is being done quietly by silent heroes, and for the greater good in many spheres of life. We are featuring just a cross-secton of great initatves here but these and many others could do with increased awareness and support, in immeasurable ways. We hope that these featured Causes will show our readers there is stll so much good out there and many ways to ‘GIVE Back’, along the journey of life.

Here’s to 2016 and all its new beginnings.