As you walk through Aditya’s opulent open spaces, one could be distracted by the immediate creature comforts and stunning vista, enough not to notice the detail. The luxury and vastness of this exotic private hideaway mask its own finer touches, the difference between standard mod cons and pleasing aesthetics is what Aditya offers, by soothing your senses and thinking of everything, so you don’t have to. As boutique properties pop up like mushrooms across our island, Aditya will always have its own presence, a signature on and of this country that we can be proud of.

“We strive to provide the utmost in discreet personalized service, a tastefully luxurious environment, and an exquisitely private beachside location” states the website. But it’s more than that, because what is little known is that Aditya Boutique Hotel was founded upon the vision of its proprietors, who began by designing a holiday villa for themselves and clearly overshot the mark. It is remarkable to note that a group of responsible Sri Lankan businessmen, in sitting together and conceptualising the beach pad of their dreams, produced a niche tourism destination where service is superior enough to shame professional hoteliers. Aditya is relaxed indeed, but there is exemplary and meticulous work undertaken behind the scenes, so that her guests can simply enjoy their moments.

Beach 2

Aditya has 12 suites, and to say they are plush is an understatement. This appears par for the course with this property, because while its appearance is indeed lavish, it manages to be understated at the same time. There are 6 garden suites, known as Shanthi Suites, 5 Sagara Suites offering a spectacular ocean vista and the Surya Grand Suite. While suites vary in size shape and detail, they are all expansive, with every mod con imaginable and enough lounging space to give you the luxury of never having to leave the comforts of your room. Oh, and the private plunge pools certainly do up the ante.

Food & Drink

The pampering continues, because breakfast, lunch and dinner can be whatever you like, wherever you like to eat it, whenever that may be! Aditya has built a reputation for its Thai-fusion slant on its cuisine and certainly that is a refreshing touch when so many competitors offer the standard con-fusion menu. The Sri Lankan food is still my favourite, there is something about a pol sambol in front of the beach that excites my preferences, and Aditya’s friendly waiting staff smiled and nodded in agreement. The breakfasts were particularly great, as one was spoilt with pretty crockery and courses, that demanded the freeze of time to enjoy the finer things in life. I think there is room for improvement in the F & B, I only noticed that because it was not my first visit to Aditya and I believe there may be some complacency on slow days. Regardless, it is by far the best epicurean fare on offer in the area, where standards are somewhat low.


Aditya Boutique Hotel is ideally positioned, offering her guests ultimate privacy along a picturesque, isolated beach in between Hikkaduwa and Galle. The property itself is perfectly isolated, having carved its own romantic niche into Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa’s busy surf culture is minutes away by tuk-tuk, with all the vibrance and entertainment to cater to every fun-seeking holidaymaker, while the historic Galle Fort is twenty minutes in the other direction, for culture, shopping and so much more these days. Of course, there is everything in between, and further more on each side, making Aditya a smart destination from which to base travel in southern Sri Lanka.

What LT Loves!

The Art, and objet d’art all seamlessly integrate the best of Sri Lanka. Interesting photographs (by Pat Mamelka, original interior decorator of the property) line the upper corridors. Stunning individual pieces not only upgrade the style, they offer an inimitable glimpse into Sri Lankan creativity!

Spa 2

Aditya prides itself minimising its carbon footprint and stamp on the environment, even while not compromising luxury. They also recruit and train staff from the local area and firmly believe in giving back to the community, as the GM repeatedly states.

The general manager has served the property since its inception, and saw the property from its building stages to today. His loyalty to the proprietors and the concept is obvious, and he leads a good ship!

Aditya enjoys near-full occupancy during peak months so LT are excited to hear of plans to expand the living concepts soon, with the land adjacent now under the same ownership.


Aditya Boutique Hotel
719/1, Galle Road, Devenigoda ,
Sri Lanka.
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