Turn straight off the main Matara Road and you are in another dimension of time and space. The golden sand and blue sea of Sri Lanka’s southern coast lies vibrantly and dramatically before you as you enter the unassuming lobby of the small cool hotel. Gradually you begin to notice the details of sand and shells, pieces of driftwood, aquatic wall sculptures, the pool and chillout beats surrounding you, immediately luring you into a realm of calm and relaxation where real life slips away and only the beach awaits you.

Award winning Casa Colombo has evolved into Casa Colombo Collection and CCC-Mirissa is the first of the collection. Entrepreneur, designer and photographer Lalin Jinasena has created a counterpart for his city classic at his coastal boutique hotel with a difference. The highly stylised, innovative, avant-guard design is pursued. Here, however, there is a departure from the electric neon colours of the city giving rise to a peaceful and tranquil interior design befitting its location. Cutting-edge contemporary design meets the beach. Emphasising luxury and personalised service with claims to fulfill all your desires, Casa also brings its approach to hospitality to the beach. As day moves into night, as music plays out on the sand, you can lounge in a selection of sun beds, armchairs and ‘banana’ chairs each perfectly positioned, contoured and cushioned for comfort. Upon arrival you are given a mobile phone to call your domo, although often your need is taken care of before it arises. Here, all your senses are subtly taken care of allowing your mind to rest and float into the ceaseless waves of the ocean.



4km beyond the main centre of Mirissa bay, you come to the relatively undeveloped beach of Kamburugamuwa. It is a long, quiet, solitary beach and, presently, all that is along this stretch, set back off the beach, hidden behind rocks and foliage, are a few boutique hotels and private villas. Turtles can easily be seen swimming from the shore and the hotel has a hatchery where baby turtles are released to the sea. Due to the coral step in the ocean here you cannot swim at Kamburugamuwa beach. So if the pool does not satisfy you, Mirissa bay is only 10 minutes away. From here you can watch the sunrise, alone and undisturbed, as you would be on a remote tropical island beach.



There are 6 individual suites – all, bar one, right on the beach with unobstructed views of the ocean. Each of the glass-faced rooms has its own terrace or balcony with beds positioned perfectly to submerge your vision in the landscape, without loosing any sense of personal space and privacy. All the bedrooms are air-conditioned with designer mood lighting and are kitted out with a Bose Mini Soundlink so that you can pair your own tunes for when you are feeling groovy. If you feel like taking your tunes with you to the beach, pick up the Bose and take it to the beach! The white and beige interior continues throughout the all the rooms, each featuring the personal photographic works of Jinasena. And even though the design is minimalistic there is a surprising feeling of warmth and intimacy, maybe because of the small size of the hotel, initially constructed as a private villa, the informality, the sense of being well looked after or the closeness with nature. The bathrooms are large, light and elegant with a spacious glass rain shower powerful and indulgent enough to invite spending time far exceeding what is required for beach living. The bed is sumptuous and comes with a pillow menu offering a variety of soft plump supports, ample if you so wish, to ensure that you have a perfect night, or day, sleep. Food & Drink The restaurant, Mirin, offers ‘Ceylonese fusion seafood’ as well as tapas and a substantial a la carte menu, temptingly available all day, which includes a choice of vegetarian dishes among an otherwise seafood rich selection. In the evenings a ‘fish market’ of local fish is brought out for you to select your fish and style of preparation. There are delicious surprises, including a lime juice packed with mint and kola kanda, a local herbal soup made from gotukola, coconut milk and red rice, served for breakfast which is just as tasty and invigorating as it promises to be.

What LT loves!

Thought and consideration have gone into so many aspects keeping their appeal to the senses in mind and creating an innovative and experimental style. The passion of the designer in every element of his work is evident and it is inspiring. CCC-Mirissa is individual and bold, confidently stepping away from tradition and embracing informal and smart modern lifestyles. The playlist that runs throughout the day and night will not be to everyone’s taste, but you come here for a different experience. There is a graceful integration of the building with nature, even though it’s high on style and does not claim to be ecologically designed. The transition between the beach and the hotel is simple and seamless. This private patch of beach becomes part of the hotel itself, as interior and exterior are interwoven and as primitive nature and modern luxury coexist. Things to do This is a place to exper