Littlemore Estate Bungalow 2A working coconut estate in operation since the 1890s, Littlemore Estate is a timeless example of our island’s diversity, charm and great agricultural heritage. On the expansive 125 acre property rests the plantation bungalow, now converted into a niche boutique villa, offering visitors an inimitable slice of real life in Sri Lanka.


Set in Kurunegala, Littlemore is a two and a half hour journey from Colombo to a destination of peace, tranquillity and the great outdoors.


The Bungalow has 3 bedrooms available for rent either individually or as a complete villa. All bedrooms are air-conditioned and feature all mod-cons including satellite TV and fluffy pillows, complimented by tasteful en suite bathrooms with monsoon showers and hot water. Life, however, passes by as one lounges salubriously in the expansive veranda, facing a deep blue pool, framed by coconut trees.


The property comes with a manager and kitchen staff, who customise dining options to suit the preferences of their guests. LT opted for Sri Lankan fare and not a complaint can be levelled toward our delicious dining experiences. The rice and curry lunch comprised several dishes, prepared exceedingly well to a level that most “Sri Lankan” restaurants in Colombo could learn from. Lack of compromise in the process of creating wonderful curries and sambols ensured a gourmet level of local cuisine, each dish unique and complimentary to the spread. The pol roti and accompaniments we had for breakfast were scrumptious and left little room for the generous fresh fruit platter that accompanied it.

Attention to detail in F & B will certainly set Littlemore ahead of the region and while we hear of delicious imported lamb chops prepared brilliantly in these kitchens, there is no greater compliment to this serene Sri Lankan environment than the best of regional country cooking.


Littlemore Estate Bungalow 3What’s not to love?! Let us begin with the delightful veranda, furnished with planters chairs, perfect for lounging and staring into nature, as reflected in the water of the perfectly positioned pool.

We loved the art and old world posters on the walls. The family photos call out for a story, a history of family life that has passed from generation to generation, with Littlemore at its heart.

Walking! Tours of the working coconut estate and grounds hold a host of pleasant surprises from Friesian-crossed large and friendly cattle (well, perhaps the bulls were not quite as welcoming) to vegetable gardens and most special of all, pepper plants intercropped between coconut trees, with fresh green peppercorn waiting to be plucked.

Star gazing! Clear skies are not unusual here and looking up from the bungalow garden, into the skies, one cannot help but be awed by the clarity of beautiful stars.

Most of all, LT loved the fact that the upgrade to tourist destination, from private estate bungalow, appears almost seamless, compromising nothing on either end of the spectrum, preserving the integrity and charm of this timeless example of Sri Lankan culture. The property is unpretentious in every sense, while neglecting none of the comforts.


This is a working coconut estate, calling out for exploration. One could be satisfied just walking around the property and enjoying sun-downers on the veranda, or even indulging in a midnight swim.

The staff of Littlemore will direct you to “The Rock” and some may even contend that it is a brief brisk walk uphill, to catch a spectacular sunset. In fact, it is not a gentle walk but an uphill battle through shrub and steep rock faces but in the triumph of reaching the summit lies the glory of a perfect sunset over panoramic views of our tropical paradise.

There is much to do and TV if you are bored but time does seem to stand still at Littlemore and the bungalow presents a great opportunity to relax, unwind and appreciate the raw beauty of a magnificent example of life in Sri Lanka.

Littlemore Estate Bungalow
Pellandeniya, Kurunegala
072 2319443