Self-help guide written by experienced corporate professional, Fiona Nanayakkara

‘Bully & Co’ acts as a self-help guide for employees facing workplace harassment and aims to create awareness of the mute topic. The book focuses on three [03] distinct areas: the impact of workplace harassment on employees as well as organizations, examples of bullying in the Sri Lankan corporate world and most importantly, coping strategies and mechanisms via a self-help toolbox to overcome corporate politics and harassment. Experienced corporate professional, Fiona Nanayakkara, brings to light the woes of workplace harassment in Sri Lankan corporate culture, and means of combating it, in a new book titled ‘Bully & Co.’

Nanayakkara has spent nearly a decade working in the corporate world of Sri Lanka for locally and globally renowned brands, ranging from FMCG to healthcare and manufacturing. She initially began her research to support the writing of her own experiences in the book, but it led her to discovering shocking statistics of workplace harassment; nearly 50% globally and as high as 75% in USA. “The more I researched during the time taken to write ‘Bully & Co’, I learnt so much more about practical tools that can be used to cope with harassment. I knew instantly that this would be my giveback to society” she said.

Several copies of Bully & Co have already made its way onto the bookshelves of many via pre-purchase, and is now available for direct purchase via, and in Sarasavi book Shops Island wide in all three languages.