Thujiba Vijayalayan holds a BFA from the Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts, Jaffna. Her work focuses on vulnerable women, portraying the issues and the forces that have to be faced and overcome. She expresses them through the natural world around her. She uses a combination of techniques and mediums to complete a piece of art – from lines and colors with charcoal on paper or canvas.

The Hunt X by Thujiba Vijayalayan
The Hunt X by Thujiba Vijayalayan

Abdul Halik Azeez is a strategy consultant working both for the corporate and development sectors. He is also an independent researcher whose main areas of interest currently include online hate speech and critical discourse analysis. With a master’s degree in financial economics and a bachelor’s in international business, Halik has worked in fields as diverse as marketing, banking and economic research.

A former journalist for the Sunday Leader and an active citizen journalist, Halik’s recent interest in journalistic and conceptual photography has garnered a large following on Instagram. His work has been published on platforms such as The Picture Press and Groundviews and has been exhibited at Spectrums: Alternative Views on Development Explore the power of pictures at Center for Poverty Analysis, Colombo (July 2011) and ‘Colombedouin’ at the Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo (November 2014)

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Abdul Halik Azeez, 2015, Rasamma
Rasamma by Abdul Halik Azeez