1.GROW your own Avocado Tree!

_MG_7245I have often wondered why I love avocados so much, maybe it’s because they’re so tasty, healthy, and versatile. Whatever the reason, I can’t have enough of this delicious fruit. Which is another reason why I love living in Sri Lanka.My favourite fruit can literally grow on trees in front of me!The avocado, now considered a trendy ‘Superfood’ is a highly nutritious fruit that is now widely renowned to provide many health benefits. It is high in essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, Folic Acid and also contain high levels of fibre, which improves digestion and helps you feel full. While avocados are a delicious snack on their own, fresh off the tree, the fruit also shines as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes due to its good flavour and texture. Despite its high fat content, healthy eating and avocados can go hand in hand. Naturally cholesterol-free, avocado spreads, toppings and dips are a creamy and nutritious alternative to saturated fat laden recipes.While the fruit originated in South America, our tropical climate provides excellent growing conditions for this and many other tropical fruits. We recommend growing your own avocado tree! Planting your own avocado tree and watching it grow and bloom can be a very rewarding experience. We are definitely enjoying watching this tree bear fruit outside our LT office!

2. EAT Diyabath

_MG_7264Diyabath is a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast food, a cold soup that is commonly consumed in rural areas of our island. This traditional Sri Lankan rice dish also known as ‘Palan Kanji’(old porridge) is made from rice left overnight to ferment and then mixed with coconut, milk, onion, garlic, raw chilli, salt and a bit of lime juice. In the past Sri Lanka’s and even today, many people have no refrigerators for food storage,meaning that rice, once cooked had to be consumed on the same day. Diyabath was an innovative solution to refresh and reuse the leftover rice from the previous day, and is still often eaten for breakfast.With a low glycaemic index and an inflammatory effect, it also provides a probiotic efect similar to that of curd. It gives a feeling of satiety even with a small portion. This rich soup is healthy and contains Ayurvedic properties, providing relief to problems with gastritis.This is perfect for breakfast in Sri Lanka.Easy to make, nutritious and delicious !

 3. MAKE the Most of Monsoon 

IMG_957 Te rains have come. Or so we hope, as we finally ready for print. April was always a hot month, but this year climate change has seen Sri Lanka suffer extraordinary heat from February to now. And finally,monsoon is upon us. I know this because my cable TV signal is interrupted, giving me notice in advance that more rain is on
the way.Let’s make the most of. We seem to complain a lot, as a people, but let’s welcome these heavy rains, I say. Let’s not make the school run on time because potholes and drains have burst, let’s turn off the WiFi before lightening fries another modem, and let us take a deep, long breath and enjoy the sight, sound and smell of a tropical rainstorm.It always rains. But apparently it is how you conduct yourself during the worst storms of
your life that define character. Let’s dance in the rain.